Our offer

Fuel transportation

We possess the biggest potential at the fuel transportation market, which brings up measurable benefits to our Customers. Thanks to that we can ensure stable cooperation, cost efficiency, and high standard of service to big fuel combines as well as to small economic entities. We approach every customer individually, taking into account his needs and peculiarity of functioning.

Pursuing the orders we ensure preservation of fuel quality through the whole process and full security. Our potential we built mainly by constant modernization of our transportation fleet. That is related to optimization of all the processes running in the company policy. We are aware, that investments in modern transport influence not only security during load, reload and unload of the fuel, but also the transportation costs. Therefore we use only modern, light tankers, exploitation of which all reduction of transportation costs. During fleet completing we take into account the condition of Polish roads, and we use for transportation only vehicles with additional strengthening, securing both tank and carrier elements of the tanker.