Our drivers

Safe driver

In OTP Co.Ltd. we are aware that safe transport is in the first place safe driver, who safely drives the vehicle. For this reason we take care of that the driver work is fully safe for himself and surroundings. We take up a lot of activities and initiatives to ensure safety of all performing duties, accordingly to preached principle that “safe work, not causing health loss, is the right of every human”. 
Our drivers deepen their knowledge at special trainings, where they get familiar with all newly introduced regulations, instructions and procedures related to everyday work and enhance their skills in diagnose and prevention of potential threads. 
Every driver of OTP is equipped with basic tools making possible immediate contact in case a thread occurs. 
Warranty of safety for drivers and persons directly or indirectly related to the hazardous material transportation process in knowing and absolute observing rules regulating transportation of hazardous material.
Similarly to safety we take care of comfort of work. We implement solution minimizing nuisances related to actions performed.